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Biking from Somerville to Chelsea?

If you ask Google for biking directions to Chelsea it suggests Broadway to Sullivan Square, then Rt. 99 / Alford Street over the Mystic River, then Beacham st. Does anyone have experience biking this route? Where does it fall on the continuum from pleasant to death-defying? Are there other ways to get there?

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Another "Benefit" of Question 2...

I was walking through the Tuft's Campus today when I passed a woman selling cookies.  I thought, "that's odd to have a bake sale on such a cold gray day..."   I quickly saw more people selling baked goods, and heard drum beats, and saw a bunch of people on the roof of the library, and smelled a sweet tangy smoke.  I was very confused by all this, until I remembered today's date.

In related news, I'll have been out of college for 5 years this May.
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Royal Gorge, the cross country ski resort in California where I have been skiing since I was 5 years old, was recently bought by some investors who plan to build a giant development of several thousand luxury homes, destroying not only the resort, which would be a shadow of its former self, but pretty much everything around it as well. It's still in the early stages of getting regulatory approval, so it may be possible to stop it, but if even a portion of the plans get approved it will ruin one of my favorite places in the whole world. More information here:
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Your friendly Somervillian reminder

That today (Wednesday) is the last day to register, if you want in the Alderman at Large race. City Hall is on 93 Highland Ave. The entrance for the election department is on School Street, just off of Highland.
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Graph Theory Meets High School Sex

What I found most interesting is how close the graph is to being
acyclic. In fact, if you removed 5 edges it would be acyclic. Meaning
that, at least in the sample population, groups of friends that all
have sex with each other are very rare at High Schools. Another thing
to note is that the graph is relatively sparse, meaning that most
people have no more than a couple partners. (This is less surprising
to me.)
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Carefully treading

And so there were many monkey crawling out of the pancake bread before the stream of running dogs descended through the wilderness of coriander washing away the reminants of the once great empire of sludge that protruded from the head of snakes. This led to great confusoin from the many beast of prey that lurked in the forest, for there were many pairs of teeth that gnashed in anticipation of the feast of days that would have befallen the lone heroes should they have wraught the sword of pure silver from its immortal coil. Nevertheless, many lives were spared that day and much wine was consumed by all.
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